Alison is our Pre-School teacher at Benedict House Prep School in Sidcup, Kent. Each Autumn Term she takes in children with a cast array of abilities from many differing backgrounds and turns them into little people.

This year has been exceptionally challenging as the Pre-School children had missed six months in any educational setting. When they arrived on day one, we were quite overwhelmed.  Alison persevered with kindness and consistency despite tantrums and very anxious parents.  By half term in the Autumn term the difference in the children was phenomenal.  By Christmas she had them all dancing to her tune.  When lockdown was announced Alison pleaded for us to stay open as she did not want to lose ground with her class.

Alison is a hero day in and day out and never puts herself first.  Congratulations and a huge thank you from all at Chatsworth Schools.

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