Ladies Who LaunchED!

On International Women’s Day 2024, renowned educator, Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of Chatsworth Schools, Anita Gleave established a brand new community for female founders within education – Ladies who LaunchED!


You can’t be what you can’t see and Anita believes there are many ladies out there who have or want to start something in the ED space. They want to follow their dream, they want to make a difference they want to change the world. Ladies who LaunchED! want to celebrate the success of those who have and the entrepreneurs, businesswomen and dreamers in the world of EDucation.


By meeting, sharing, focussing, empowering and shining a light on women at all stages of their journey….by holding out our hands.


NOW and every day.

We will be sharing more information about community events and support for aspiring female founders very soon. You can apply to join LWL! by completing the application:

The founding members of Ladies who LaunchED! are below:

Anita Gleave

Founder & CEO
Chatsworth Schools & Blenheim Schools

Lil Bremermann-Richard

Group CEO
Oxford International Education

Clemmie Stewart

Executive Principal
Beech Hall School Riyadh

Melissa McBride

Founder & CEO
Sophia Technologies

Faiza Mubeen

Director of Inclusion
Beech Hall School Riyadh

Pam Mundy

Executive Director
Pam Mundy Associates

Rasha Saïd Khawaja

The Toucan Project &
Deputy, The Said Foundation

Joanna Leach

Griffin House School

Harriet Dyball

Crosthwaite Communications

Jenny Pool

Co Founder and Director

Almira Sirbayeva

Head of Marketing and Admissions
Beech Hall School Riyadh

Victoria Humphries

Keynote speaker, Resilience trainer, Consultant

Louise Dawson

Inclusion Consultancy

Kirstie Hampshire

The Village School for Girls


Chief Marketing Officer
Chatsworth Schools & Blenheim Schools

Kristine Scott

Head of Education & Charities Sector

Hannah Burke-Tomlinson

Senior Programme Manager
Outstanding Schools

Sarah Wallace

Highfield School for Girls

Viv Thompson

Director of Early Years, Chair of Governors & Safeguarding Lead
Chatsworth Schools

Sarah Thorne

The London Acorn School

Lucy Lewin

Founder & CEO

Susan Burton


Alicia Coad


Donna Guerin


Rabia Khan

Assistant SENCO

Louise Holland-Salmon


Julie Keyes

Lead Coach

Jenny Swift

Founder of Light Up Edu-Leadership
Positive Psychology informed Coach and Trainer

Shameema Parveen

CoFounder / Chief Innovation

Tania Davidson

Deputy Head (pastoral)
School Inspector / Global Education Consultant

Nicola Lutz


Philippa Wraithmell

Founder of EdRuption

Rose Carter

Tutor/Founder Inspires Tuition

Catherine O'Farrell

Founder CEO

Sophy Walker

Founder & CEO

Jessica Werner

Founder & CEO

Hannah Wilson

Director & Founder

Keely Pierce

Founder and CEO of I am More Academy Limited

Sarah Kershaw

International Marketing Consultant

Ola ElKhatib

Educator, Teacher Trainer, Coach, and Founder of OlavatEd

Israa Osman

Co-founder/ Educational services director

Bhavna Jain

Founder and CEO