Ventimiglia International School Project

Marina Development Corporation (“MDC”) – a company active in urban regeneration related to marinas, wellness and leisure facilities – is partnering with award-winning education provider, and global schools family, Chatsworth Schools (Owner of 15 UK independent schools and nurseries, operator of international schools and government advisors on education) as their chosen school operator to manage the Borgo del Forte Campus, a large, purpose-built international educational and sports campus in the “Campasso di Nervia” area of Ventimiglia.

The Borgo Del Forte Campus will include:

  • 42,000 square metres of regenerated urban space
  • An international school for 800 students, surrounded by a public park
  • Student boarding accommodation for 100 children
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities with associated services

The international school at the Borgo del Forte Campus will open to its first pupils in September 2026, subject to City Council approval and a partnership with a property investment partner to enable the construction of one of the landmark elements within MDC’s Ventimiglia waterfront transformation.

The Borgo del Forte Campus, the facilities of which will be operated based on an agreement with the Municipality of Ventimiglia, will be built on the site of the former Campasso railway yard, with the redevelopment of 42,000 square metres, behind the

natural area at the mouth of the Nervia River. At the heart of the Campus, the International School will be able to serve a large catchment area (other facilities can only be found in Genoa, Monaco and Nice): developed on a multi-storey building, surrounded by a public park, it will be able to accommodate up to 800 students aged 3 to 18.

The sports facilities will include a year-round indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gymnasium, changing rooms, services, and a dedicated clubhouse, as well as a multifunctional area for indoor and outdoor activities, all of which will be open to the public.

To the south, the 1,600 square metre former railway depot building will be repurposed and used as a multifunctional centre with a conference hall, exhibition and display area, workshops, and offices, all overlooking a large green park. Finally, the former guesthouse buildings will also be repurposed and used as student accommodation with 100 beds and reception, office, and cafeteria facilities. The Campus will also have over 3,000 square metres of car parking.

Chatsworth Schools’ international school division, Blenheim Schools will be responsible for designing and implementing the educational programme and learning spaces for the international school, managing the activities of the entire Campus and facilitating the integration between the school and the local community, in agreement with the Ventimiglia Municipality.

Residents of Ventimiglia will have “privileged” access through scholarships, discounts on annual tuition fees and reduced rates for access to sports facilities. Outside school hours, some facilities will be available for community service activities. Finally, as the school would become a member of the global Chatsworth Schools family, it will be possible for students from Ventimiglia to gain experience in different institutions, thus increasing their exposure to international contexts. Conversely, Ventimiglia’s visibility will allow it to attract students from abroad.


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