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The Chatsworth Schools Foundation

“One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.”

Shortly after founding Chatsworth Schools, Anita Gleave, our Founder and CEO, alongside her fellow trustees, created the Chatsworth Schools Foundation — a UK Registered Charity.

The mission of the Chatsworth Schools Foundation is: “To advance education for the public benefit and to support children of all abilities who may be disadvantaged or otherwise impeded from achieving their highest potential due to their personal circumstances or background. This mission includes, but is not limited to, bolstering educational establishments and aiding individuals within such institutions.”

In 2024, being thankful for what we have and helping those less fortunate is a central focus for the Chatsworth Schools family. We are proud to announce the new Board of Trustees for the Chatsworth Schools Foundation:

  • Anita Gleave – Founder and CEO, Chatsworth Schools
  • Simon Gamblin – Partner, Clyde & Co
  • Clemmie Stewart – Executive Principal, Beech Hall School Riyadh
  • Andrew Elias – Director of Marketing and Communications, Chatsworth Schools

The new Board of the Chatsworth Schools Foundation is poised to make impactful donations to charitable initiatives both within the UK and globally. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate unveiling our next major fundraising and charitable campaign, like the transformative educational project we previously funded and brought to life in Ghana.


As we step into 2024, Chatsworth Schools is proud to announce the new Board of Trustees for the Chatsworth Schools Foundation:

The Akensoyo project

In 2019, the Foundation embarked on its inaugural charitable venture, which aimed to elevate awareness of the challenges faced by children in Akensoyo, Ghana.

To effect meaningful change, the Foundation contributed a significant five-figure sum and assembled a dedicated team of Chatsworth Schools’ staff members. This team worked in tandem with Humanitas to construct a secondary school in Akensoyo, Ghana.

This pioneering initiative not only fulfilled a charitable objective but also embodied a life-affirming experience for all participants, aligning perfectly with the visionary aspirations that Anita Gleave held when launching the Chatsworth Schools Foundation.

Getting involved

We invite all Chatsworth Schools staff, parents, pupils and friends to join us in our charitable endeavours through the Chatsworth Schools Foundation. Parents have the option to donate to the Foundation on a termly basis and more information about future projects and fundraising activities will be released shortly.

For more information about the Chatsworth Schools Foundation or to participate in our mission to support children through education, please reach out to Andrew Elias at marketing@chatsworthschools.com.


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