Chatsworth Schools and Blenheim Schools have entered a strategic alliance with Melissa McBride’s Sophia Technologies, the DFE’s first accredited 100% online school, Sophia High School.

This global and exclusive alliance aims to foster collaboration between the two organisations in the realms of hybrid working and learning spaces, online schooling, AI, and the development of new technologies and educational initiatives.

Regarding the alliance, Anita Gleave, Founder and CEO of Chatsworth Schools, said, “Chatsworth Schools pioneers innovative and inclusive education in physical schools. Similarly, Sophia Technologies is a trailblazer in online schooling.

With our shared values, expertise, and ambition, the possibilities for what we can achieve together in hybrid learning and working in the UK and beyond are boundless. We are thrilled about this alliance and look forward to beginning our work with Melissa, Dan, and the Sophia Team.”

In the first step for the alliance, pioneering courses in Esports are coming to Chatsworth Schools as our schools join Sophia High School as Trailblazers within Esports to roll out a pioneering Esports programme to develop leadership skills in children aged 11-16. As part of the Sophia Trailblazer programme, students at Chatsworth Schools will be among the first to have access to a range of innovative courses that will empower the young generation to become leaders through Esports.

In addition to the leadership qualifications, Chatsworth Schools will be offering children the opportunity to join Esports clubs and weekly competitions with the support of Sophia High School and Daigon from Year 4 upwards across the group in the coming year.


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