Chatsworth Schools awarded the IFIP Global Inclusion Award 2024

Chatsworth Schools is delighted to be awarded the IFIP Global Inclusion Award 2024, both for our group as a whole and at our schools around the world.



“The Global Inclusion Award represent a significant leap forward in promoting inclusion on an international scale. It serves as a unifying platform that not only showcases the finest inclusion strategies within individual sectors but also draws inspiration from multiple diverse sectors worldwide.”



International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners (IFIP), was founded by renowned inclusion expert Daniel Sobel, and created with the vision for Quality and Inclusive Learning for ALL children around the world. IFIP provides a network where inclusion practitioners from around the world can now learn, share and connect with each other.

Our schools and group has been recognised for our commitment to inclusive practice along with fellow recipients from 39 countries in total. You can find out more about why our schools were awarded this recognition below and view all recipients here:


🇬🇧 Chatsworth Schools, UK 

Chatsworth Schools was founded on the principles of Integrity, Resilience and Passion – a deep desire to enable outstanding futures for ALL our children. We are blessed with very diverse, multi – racial and multi-cultural school communities and we celebrate many examples of outstanding multi faith and inter-cultural events and learning opportunities.



🇸🇦 Beech Hall School Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

We are the first fully inclusive school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We proudly serve a diverse community, in the broadest sense of diversity. All of our children attend, regardless of talent, need or prior experience, and we tailor our provision to ensure that they each have a place to call their own, and can experience a deeply earned sense of fulfilment, belonging and success – whatever that looks like to them.

🇬🇧 Beech Hall School, UK

Beech Hall Mencap Marvels is Beech Hall School’s open-water swimming squad, developed in 2020. Swimming in relay, partly through the night, this challenge is one of unpredictability and change that requires swimmers to have high levels of physical and emotional resilience.

Beech Hall works towards its goal of creating a genuinely inclusive, diverse and respectful school community. We try to take an individualised approach to enabling success, educating pupils with a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition alongside those with dyslexia, ADHD and social emotional challenges alongside neurotypical children.



🇬🇧 Broughton Manor Preparatory School, UK

Our comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives have yielded transformative results in our school community. The appointment of a dedicated DEI Coordinator has been instrumental in orchestrating impactful changes, ensuring a more representative and inclusive learning environment.


🇬🇧 Crown House School, UK

As a result of our strategies all pupils. Staff across the school report on the wonderful progress that SEND pupils are making in academic, physical and creative arts lessons.


🇬🇧 Benedict House Prep School, UK

We developed the school curriculum further to maintain inclusivity, to make sure it is embedded in our school, written through us like a stick of rock. We considered every aspect of the school day , school life and the school community.



🇬🇧 The Village School for Girls, UK 

Our approach is to create a nurturing environment which facilitates participation and celebration across all aspects of school life and provides our pupils with opportunities to reach their potential.



🇬🇧 Griffin House Preparatory School, UK 

At Griffin House, we are building a community in which all pupils, families and staff feel valued and safe to express their ideas and to be themselves. We are working to ensure that our pupils accept and understand different views and life experiences and that this is reflected in our environment and our teaching.


🇬🇧 Highfield School for Girls, UK

At Highfield Girls School, we are committed to building a community in which there is a real sense of belonging where all pupils, families and staff feel valued, safe to express their ideas and be their authentic selves.


IFIP Global Inclusion Award 2024 recipients will be celebrated at the first ever Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum at UNESCO HQ, Paris next week.

UNESCO have partnered with IFIP in the co-creation of the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum in UNESCO HQ, Paris on 14-15 March 2024.

The objectives of the Forum are to:

  • Recognise and pay tribute to practitioners’ work to include all learners in quality and inclusive learning.
  • Promote and share innovative inclusive educational practices that foster inclusion in education.
  • Identify key recommendations and messages to inform policy makers and practitioners.

Chatsworth Schools will be taking a delegation to Paris including Founder and CEO, Anita Gleave, Heads from across our schools, and our hybrid education partner, Melissa McBride.

Click here for more information and to attend the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum in UNESCO HQ, Paris on 14-15 March 2024.

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