Chatsworth Schools girls’ schools join International Coalition

Chatsworth Schools is delighted to announce that it has joined the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools through our two girls’ schools – Highfield and The Village School for Girls.



The International Coalition of Girls’ Schools is the leading global advocate for girls’ schools, connecting and collaborating globally with individuals, schools, and mission-aligned entities dedicated to educating and empowering girls.



Our two girls’ schools are now proud members of the coalition, giving staff access to a wide range of support and resources:

  • Advocacy: championing the unique benefits of girls’ schools.
  • Networking: connecting member schools with each other and to strategic partners to advance the cause of girls’ education.
  • Research: conducting, sponsoring and disseminating research on issues of importance to girls’ education.
  • Professional development: convening international, national, regional and online forums to exchange best practice for education girls.


On joining the International Coalition, Chatsworth Schools Founder and CEO, Anita Gleave said “We have never been more committed to offering high-quality, exciting and inspiring girls’ only education as a part of our offering as a global schools group. We are committed to this because we believe steadfastly in the power of choice within education and that one of those choices should be girls’ schools given all of the benefits they offer.

Joining the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools is our latest statement of intent when it comes to empowering and educating our girls as we launch Senior Schools at Highfield and The Village to ensure we are offering every one of our children the very best chance at their own individual outstanding future.”

To find out more about our two girls’ schools visit Highfield School for Girls and The Village Schools for Girls.

For more information contact Andrew Elias –

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