Blenheim Schools and SPEA to pioneer a new SEND and inclusion strategy in Sharjah


Blenheim Schools appointed by Sharjah Private Education Authority to pioneer a new SEND and inclusion strategy in Sharjah

Sharjah, February 7th 2024

In a landmark move for inclusive education in the United Arab Emirates, Blenheim Schools has joined forces with the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) to forge a new frontier in SEND and inclusion within Sharjah’s private schools and nurseries. This partnership, a beacon of progress, is poised to transform the educational landscape, ensuring that the principles of inclusivity become the bedrock upon which every student’s educational journey is built in Sharjah and beyond.

On this bold new agreement Anita Gleave, CEO and Founder of Blenheim Schools said “Our partnership with SPEA is a testament to our shared dedication to reshaping the future of SEND and inclusive education in Sharjah and the wider region. We are thrilled to share our expertise to SPEA and embark on this journey together towards a future where inclusivity isn’t just an aspiration but a reality for every child in a SPEA school or nursery.”

For SPEA, the collaboration with Blenheim Schools represents a significant step forward in achieving its strategic goals of fostering a learning environment that is both supportive and effective, ensuring that inclusivity is woven into the very fabric of every child’s education.

“This partnership with Blenheim schools will have a positive impact on the learning community in Sharjah and aligns with our wellbeing framework. It also contributes to our third strategic goal at SPEA, which aims to create equal learning opportunities for all our students,” as stated by Noura Zamzam, Strategy and Excellence Officer at the Sharjah Private Education Authority.

“We are excited to team up with Blenheim Schools! This isn’t just a partnership – it’s our pledge to create a learning space where everyone belongs. SPEA is looking forward to making education better and more inclusive for all. Here’s to an even brighter, more welcoming future in our schools.” stated Abdelaziz Al Mulla, Institutional Licensing Officer of the Sharjah Private Education Authority.

About Sharjah Private Education Authority: SPEA is at the forefront of enhancing and overseeing the private education sector in Sharjah, UAE, committed to upholding high standards of education and nurturing an environment conducive to learning and personal growth for every student.

About Blenheim Schools: A sector leader of innovative and inclusive international education, Blenheim Schools, the international school division of the award-winning Chatsworth Schools family, is dedicated to empowering every child to achieve their personal best, setting new standards in educational excellence and inclusivity around the world.

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