Chatsworth Schools enters the Esports arena with Sophia High School

Pioneering courses in Esports are coming to Chatsworth Schools as the first major development of the newly formed Chatsworth Schools and Sophia Technologies global hybrid education alliance.

The partnership sees Chatsworth Schools joining Sophia High School as Trailblazers within Esports to roll out a pioneering Esports programme to develop leadership skills in children aged 11-16.   As part of the Sophia Trailblazer programme, students at Chatsworth Schools will be among the first to have access to a range of innovative courses that will empower the young generation to become leaders through Esports.



Over the past 12 months, Leadership Skills Foundation has been working with British Esports to develop an Esports Leadership programme for 11-19-year-olds.  The programmes are to be delivered in 2024 and beyond in partnership with a small number of “Esports Trailblazer Centre’s” accredited by the Leadership Skills Foundation and British Esports.



Sophia High School has been named as an official Esports Trailblazer Centre for the new Esports Leadership Programme.  These Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications are geared towards developing essential and transferable skills in young people. Courses combine the latest research and best practices in leadership development, coaching strategy, management skills and industry knowledge, and will equip students with the confidence, competence and creativity to excel in the fast-growing and dynamic field of Esports.


The specialised qualifications are designed to integrate with a suite of BTEC Esports courses and aim to assist schools and colleges in implementing dedicated esports learning pathways for their students post-16. Taking party in the Esports Leaders programme will develop transferable skills for students to take into their future careers.


By joining the Esports Leadership programme with the support of Sophia High School and the Esports Trailblazer programme, Chatsworth Schools has the unique opportunity to encourage pupils to build on their gaming abilities and develop essential leadership skills, and to celebrate those efforts with recognised qualifications.

Lucy Supperstone, Director of Innovation and Standards at the Leadership Skills Foundation said:


“For students whose passions go beyond the traditional curriculum subjects, the Esports Leadership Programme offers a way to develop essential leadership skills in a subject they are really excited about. The alliance between Sophia Technologies, Chatsworth Schools and Blenheim Schools demonstrates the growing appetite for looking at education in new and innovative ways, and we believe Sophia High School’s status as a Trailblazer Centre for Esports Leadership is evidence of their commitment to making education as dynamic as it needs to be for young people.


Working with our partner, the British Esports Federation, and our Trailblazer Centres like Sophia High, our aim is to support young people to be able to lead esports activities that engage their local communities and promote the opportunities that esports offer in terms of skill development. Ultimately, we hope that the Esports Leadership Programme will be the foundation for many young people to develop the skills that will be so vital for their future.”



In addition to the leadership qualifications, Chatsworth Schools will be offering children the opportunity to join Esports clubs and weekly competitions with the support of Sophia High School and Daigon from Year 4 upwards across the group in the coming year.



To support Chatsworth Schools’ of the new Esports qualifications, clubs, and competitions on offer to all applicable children across the group, Tom Dimmock – Senior Master and Head of Computing and Technology at Broughton Manor Preparatory School has been appointed as Chatsworth Schools’ group Esports Lead. Tom will work closely with the Sophia High School team and designated Esports leads at each Chatsworth School to help ensure the unique educational and leadership skills and opportunities that Esports presents are available to as many pupils as possible.


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