Chatsworth Schools and Sophia Technologies form an Exclusive Global Alliance for Hybrid Learning and Working

Chatsworth Schools and Blenheim Schools have entered a strategic alliance with Melissa McBride’s Sophia Technologies, the DFE’s first accredited 100% online school, Sophia High School.

This global and exclusive alliance aims to foster collaboration between the two organisations in the realms of hybrid working and learning spaces, online schooling, AI, and the development of new technologies and educational initiatives.

Regarding the alliance, Anita Gleave, Founder and CEO of Chatsworth Schools, said, “Chatsworth Schools pioneers innovative and inclusive education in physical schools. Similarly, Sophia Technologies is a trailblazer in online schooling.

With our shared values, expertise, and ambition, the possibilities for what we can achieve together in hybrid learning and working in the UK and beyond are boundless. We are thrilled about this alliance and look forward to beginning our work with Melissa, Dan, and the Sophia Team.”

Melissa McBride, Founder and CEO of Sophia Technologies said “As pioneers in education, Sophia High School is proud to collaborate with Chatsworth Schools to drive a significant transformation in the future of learning.

Our combined expertise and progressive approaches will allow us to redefine education, creating a more inclusive and adaptable model of hybrid learning without geographical constraints. This alliance underscores our commitment to equipping the next generation with the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to excel and prosper in a constantly changing world.

We are hugely excited about the collaborative journey ahead with Anita Gleave and the visionary team at Chatsworth Schools. Together, we will explore new frontiers and reinvent educational possibilities, shaping a brighter future for learners around the globe.”


Sophia High School offers a comprehensive educational experience for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 students and is a member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA). It is described as “A British School with a modern twist” and is a B Corp-certified institution that incorporates the Global Citizens’ goals at its core.

Chatsworth Schools, founded in September 2018 by Anita Gleave, Chatsworth Schools was established with a vision of enabling outstanding futures for all children through a family of independent and international schools based on the belief in non-selective, high-quality education.

In just five years, which included navigating through a global pandemic, Chatsworth Schools in the UK and Blenheim Schools internationally have emerged as leaders in the inclusive, non-selective educational sector globally. Our ethos of inclusivity means we welcome children without entrance examinations, reflecting the diversity and potential of our society within our school communities.

The global schools family as grown from 1 to 16 schools and nurseries across the UK and internationally, educating over 2,300 children since in less than 5 and a half years.

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