Nurturing holiday joy at home

A Guide for Parents and Caregivers to support students during the Christmas/Winter holidays

The festive season is upon us, bringing with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities for parents and caregivers. Embracing the crisp air and festive cheer after a long scorching hot summer day, the winter holidays and its festivities weave a tapestry of joy and blankets the entire world in warmth and celebration. As the season unfolds, we all want to delve into the enchanting moments and cherished traditions that make this time of the truly magical.

As students eagerly anticipate a break from school routines, it is important for adults to provide support that fosters both relaxation and continued growth during this time.

I would like to share a quick guide that has worked well for me both as a parent and an educator and I am sure will help our parents and caregivers navigate the holiday time while ensuring their children enjoy a well-rounded and fulfilling break.

1. Balancing Rest and Routine:

Encourage a healthy balance between rest and routine. While holidays are a time to relax, maintaining a basic routine helps children feel secure and ensures a smoother transition when returning to school.

2. Creative Exploration:

Foster creativity by encouraging and engaging as a family into activities like arts and crafts, music, or writing. This definitely provides an outlet for self-expression but also stimulates cognitive development.

3. Reading Adventures:

Create a cozy reading environment at home. Encourage children to explore new books or revisit old favourites. This not only enhances their language skills but also instills a lifelong love for reading.

4. Learning through Play:

It is a lovely outdoor weather here in Kingdom of Saudi. Children can be encouraged to do outdoor activities such as skate boarding, football. Also, incorporating educational games and activities into holiday festivities such as Board games, puzzles, and interactive toys can provide hours of entertainment while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

5. Cultural Celebrations:

Embrace the diverse celebrations of the season. Teach children about different cultural traditions and customs, fostering an appreciation for diversity and broadening their worldview. There are many diverse activities in shopping malls celebrating Christmas and local cultural celebrations. Bringing children to those build internationalisation, cultural awareness and above all fun.

6. Family Bonding:

Prioritise quality family time and engaging in activities that allow everyone to connect, such as cooking together, watching holiday movies, or participating in outdoor adventures create lasting memories.

7. Mindful Screen Time:

While screens can be a source of entertainment, monitor and limit screen time through encouraging activities that promote physical activity, social interaction, and creativity to ensure a well-rounded break.

8. Reflect and Set Goals:

Use this time for reflection and goal-setting with a productive disc achievements from the past year and help children set realistic goals for the upcoming one. This practice instills a sense of purpose and direction.

9. Gratitude Practice:

Foster gratitude by encouraging children to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives. This practice not only promotes emotional well-being but also reinforces the spirit of the season.

10. Adapting to Change:

Recognise that holiday routines may differ from the usual school routine. Prepare children for the transition back to school by gradually reintroducing regular bedtimes and morning routines as the break comes to an end.

By approaching the Christmas/Winter holidays with a thoughtful blend of relaxation, enrichment, and meaningful connection, parents and caregivers can ensure that students not only enjoy their break but also continue to grow and learn during this festive season.

By Faiza Mubeen, Director of Inclusion at Blenheim Schools’ Beech Hall School Riyadh

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