In 2014 Humanitas Charity set up a primary school located in the remote, rural community of Ayensuako in southern Ghana. It forms part of their Education Matters programme.

Located three hours drive from the nearest city, the Pre and Primary school welcomes 230+ children, providing them with free full-time education, fresh potable water, a school library and a chance to break the endless cycle of poverty in their community. The school is staffed by qualified teachers and it provides students with all of the tools and books they need to succeed.

The school has grown in numbers, going from strength-to-strength, however this now means that the small local High School isn’t able to accommodate all of our students once they leave for secondary education.

Together with Humanitas Charity, we have been fundraising to build and run a High School in close proximity to the current Pre and Primary School, to ensure all students can move on to further education. This has included multiple charity events across our schools.

On Monday 21st October 2019 individuals from Chatsworth Schools and Humanitas Charity flew to Ghana to run the  Annual Accra International Marathon in order to raise money to build the new school! We are so proud of them all, and we hope that our efforts to support this worthwhile cause will enable outstanding futures for the children of Ayensuako, Ghana.


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