Welcome to The Chatsworth Schools Challenge

Each week Chatsworth Schools will be running a fun challenge where our pupils can participate and win a weekly prize.

Challenges will be creative, musical, technical, sporty or something else…..?   This is a fun initiative that we hope will

provide some added inspiration and engagement during these challenging times.    It is also a great opportunity to celebrate the winners and their ideas on our websites and social media platforms (if parental consent)

How it will work? 

Every Monday we will set a challenge.   We will provide a link and info.   Entries must be received by 9am the following Monday    We will give further instructions on how to enter and submit entries.    Entries will be judged, and the winner announced following week! It is important we know the age of each entrant as this will ensure we can judge fairly and ensure prizes are awarded for each age group; pre prep, prep and senior.

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