At the start of this term Valency from the Village Prep School was, as always, down to be helping the Lower School (Lower and Upper I) with their work as their Classroom Assistant. However, because of Covid factors, she was asked to come in and be assistant to the Early Years, as their assistant was not allowed into work. This is very much out of Valency’s comfort zone, but she took on the role without question and has worked with the very young girls energetically and always with a smile on her face. It has not been easy for her in this time of lockdown as she has had to use public transport to come to and from work, which adds extra stress for her in these times. The reasons above alone would have been enough to put Valency’s name forward for this award, but the fact that she has continued to do most of her work for the Lower School as well has been remarkable. Valency always gives 100% of her time and effort and not only am I very grateful for all that she does, but so are the staff and the children she works with. Thank you, Valency, it is really appreciated.

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