Protecting and nurturing tomorrow’s minds with Happy Space

Chatsworth Schools announce Happy Space as their expert mental health and wellbeing partner

Chatsworth Schools have partnered with Happy Space UK to support all Chatsworth school and nursery pupils with their mental health and wellbeing. The ambitious partnership will immediately benefit thousands of young people’s mental health across the Chatsworth Schools group with a vision of developing further wellbeing resources and expertise over the coming months and years together.

For every child that benefits from this mental health partnership at Chatsworth Schools, a child at a state school will be given the same access to resources and mental health support from Happy Space UK.

Happy Space is the preventative, not-for-profit mental wellbeing organisation, protecting, inspiring and empowering young people nationwide. 

Happy Space’s aim is to stop mental health problems from developing wherever possible by providing the resources that schools need to give outstanding wellbeing education. Their vision is to help establish a society where every child and young adult has access to the toolkit they need to build their own stable wellbeing foundation which sees them through to adulthood and beyond.

Tegan Creedy, Founder of Happy Space UK said “Happy Space couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Chatsworth Schools. Our visions as organisations are totally aligned as we both want the very best for all young people. Together I am confident we can protect and nurture the minds of tomorrow.”

Anita Gleave, Founder and CEO of Chatsworth Schools said “We are delighted to be partnering with Happy Space as we seek to enable outstanding futures for all our children. Happy Space will offer our children tremendous mental health and wellbeing support and resources to ensure that they reach their full happiness and potential both as children and adults.”

You can find out more about Happy Space UK here. For more details about Chatsworth Schools or this partnership please contact Andrew –

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