The Chatsworth Schools Foundation is a registered charity. It was created as a vehicle for the Chatsworth Schools’ family to support, encourage and enable children within our group and further afield. All families are asked to contribute termly and each school and nursery raises funds through a variety of activities throughout the year.

The stated aims of the Foundation are:

To advance education for the public benefit and support of children of all abilities who may be disadvantaged or otherwise prevented or hindered from achieving their highest potential due to their personal circumstances or background, with a focus on (but without limitation to) supporting education establishments and/or individuals within education establishments, whether in the UK or Overseas, by way of the provision of resources, advice, training, staff and/or financial support.

The trustees of the Foundation are:

Mr S Gamblin
Ms A Gleave

The trustees meet to ensure the Foundation not only meets its obligations but to consider projects worthy of financial support, from school to individual support, external charities or national initiatives.

Working in partnership with charities to enable outstanding futures for children who are unable to attend a Chatsworth school, has been an important aim for the Chatsworth team since our launch in 2018.

The Chatsworth-Humanitas partnership began with the creation of a new High School in the remote village of Ayensuako in Ghana.  Humanitas has already established a pre-school and primary school in the village and the new High School will ensure existing primary school students are able to continue their education.

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