Marylebone Village Nursery School

Chatsworth Schools is delighted to announce the acquisition of Marylebone Village Nursery School. It is a nursery that fits the profile of the high-quality nurseries and schools that Chatsworth Schools chooses to work with perfectly. We are confident that the change in ownership will ensure a bright future for the nursery. The former proprietor, Mrs Frances Preston, joins the Chatsworth Schools Nursery Advisory Team.

The Chatsworth Schools team has extensive experience in pre-school, primary and secondary education in the UK and a track record of outstanding educational leadership. Our philosophy is rooted in integrity, passion and resilience – creating outstanding futures for our children. By continually raising standards and fostering a love of learning, we help to create world citizens and strong communities.

We are certain that the Chatsworth Schools team will bring additional educational experience and benefits to the operation of the nursery. We nurture and promote the learning and welfare of every child in our care and help enable them to be successful, complete citizens of the future. We look forward to using our experience to further enhance the provision of education at Marylebone Village Nursery School